Saturday, December 8, 2012


For my final blog post, I wanted to reflect on my year as a whole. When I first started this class, I wanted to excel in Japanese and make the most of my learning experience. I wanted my whole semester to reflect my determination to do my very best, and I did pretty well in the beginning. But towards the middle of the semester, I started to feel the stress of having to study for my exams and balance workstudy and my resposibilities at home. It affected a lot of my schoolwork, including my blog, and it was exactly the opposite of what I wanted.. T_T

I wasn't consistent with my blog for reasons like not having internet, or getting home really late from school with only just enough time to go straight to bed. And for a while, I had a lot of personal issues that really took me out of my focus.. But I know that personal problems are always going to be there - part of growing up is knowing how to overcome those issuses and still be responsible enough to get your work done. I caught up with most of my work and most of my blog posts, but I had wanted things to be different this semester. But I do know that throughout this semester, especially in my 日本語のクラス、I learned so much. Sometimes after class, Jo and Emilio and I would talk about the grammar and the 漢字 we had learned, and it really started to hit me that I was able to form much better sentences, even tell stories about my day. I appreciated the way you taught, かく先生, because you made it interactive and had a lot of visual aids which made things a lot easier. I enjoyed learning about Japanese culture from the perspective of a native Japanese person, because it's a lot different learning from an American who lived there for a while. (Although, don't get me wrong: I loved having Prof. Calichman too ヽ(;▽;)ノ).

I'm glad I had the opportunity to taking Japanese 3 with you, かく先生, and thank you for challenging us the way you did. I'm excited to continue my learning next semester with Conversational Japanese, and I will make sure to keep practicing so that one day, I can travel to Japan and really experience the country, the food, and the people myself. <3

ビッキー <3

私は私の一番のコンサート :D

はこんばんわみんなさん!今日は 8日12月ですけどこのブログポスは4日12月です。(^_^).

今晩は、私は私の一番のコンサートがありました。私はコリスのクラスのなかです。きょうはさごいクラスはコンサートがありますから。 私の彼氏と私の友だちは来ました!私の彼氏と私の友だちは前に座って、私のクラスを見ました。Ambarはしゃしんとビデオをともりました。 As a class we sang 7 songs, including the CCNY school song ^__^ and my friends and my my boyfriend were watching the whole time. I felt so special, having the entire audience clapping for us and knowing that people I cared about were there. 私の友だ中、Delsyは私のかみ(hair)をしました。きれいでしたよ!<3 コンサートノアと、マクに息って、食べものを食べました。それから、私は帰りました。今日はとてもいい日でした。<3

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はこんばんわみんなさん!今日は 8日12月ですけどこのブログポスは27日11月です。(^_^).

私の友だちと私は「シークレットサンタ」をします。私たちのグルプは20人です。われわれは1人は12月のおわりのまえにプレセントを買いま。それから、私の友だちと私はプレセントを与えます。This is actually the first time my friends and I are doing this and we're really excited!! 私の友だちのプレセントは私のアパートにすでにあります。I have to wait to give it to her, but I already know she's going to love it! <3

ビッキー <3


はこんばんわみんなさん!今日は 8日12月ですけどこのブログポスは20日11月です。(^_^).

二つ日に、サンクスギビングダイです。しかし、今年、私たちは大きい晩ご飯がありません。We decided to do things a little differently this year since there have been a lot of things going on within the family. My dad is still coming over and we're all still eating together, but we're saving the big dinner for Christmas ^_^。今週も、「黒い野金曜日」です。ストーアーに行きません、わたしのいえにいます。The crowds はとても危ないです。。。ちょっと怖(こわ)いですよ。木曜日に、私はジュエリーを買いたいです。たくさんウエブサイトはセイルがあります。それはとてもいいです。

ビッキー <3

私の好き休日 (My Favorite Holiday)

はこんばんわみんなさん!今日は 8日12月ですけどこのブログポスは13日11月です。(^_^).

I like most holidays, けど私の好きな休日はクリスマス。この休日はすぐ来ますと私はとてもうれしいですよ!クリスマス時ぐらい、おんがくと料理とデコレイシオンスは好きです。毎年、私の家族と私はクリスマス晩ご飯を作ります。私の好きな食べものはチーズケーキとラサニア、とこの食べもの、私の芋とと私いっしょにを作ります。私たちスペシャルカレンダーガアリマス。このカレンダーが12月の日あります、一日から二十五日まで。25日12月に、私の父は私の家にきって、てばものいっしょに食べて、プレセントを与えます。We always have a great day together, and my sister and I spend the rest of our evening watching Christmas movies and enjoying our gifts. All in all, it's my favorite holiday. (^__^)

ビッキー <3

Tuesday, November 6, 2012



おはようございまうす!私は私のルーチンを葉にしたいです。私は午前六時に起きます。それから、私はシャワーをあびます。I get dressed and 朝ご飯を食べません。。。I don't have enough time in the morning.

Sidenote: OBAMA WINS!! <3 HOW EXCITING!! <3

ビッキー <3

Blog Post for 10/30.. Sorry I'm Behind! (T_T)

こにちわみんなさん!今日は10月30日です。明日はHalloweenですよ!あなたは何をなりたいですか?私は学生です。Hahaha (^_^)。今週はハリケーンサンデイに行きました。。。困りますね?わたしのいもとと母はだいようぶでした。We had plenty of candles and we also collected water in plastic containers and some large pots, so we were prepared if the electricity went out. But course we didn't want that! たくさんえいがとテレビのプログラムを見ました。わたしは「Thor 」と 「Captain America」をみました。このえいがは好きじゃないですよ。。。But other than that it was a pretty normal weekend for me. We'll see how the rest of this week plays out.. Maybe we won't have school! ^_____^